is your tongue, rolling in the dark spike of sound
of a night at the bar; whiskey breath singing
I love you, oh, how I love you
I watch your arms reach out
I watch them paw at the air

are your eyelids, their sighing push
against the pendulum wish of sleep
I watch as you insist to move through
the fatigue that melts you
your mouth, now the house of anvils
your words long and stumbling
I watch you watch my lips stay

is the fuchsia joy
escaping jars inside your belly
as you cough out the best nonsense
I watch as you giggle like
you’ve never known to be shy
I watch as you ask the walls, eyes to me,
why your laughter is

Heavy is the watchman
that cannot see unclear

heavy is the distance
between the fog and tower

heavy is the child of the addict
who is always putting someone
to bed.

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