19 Things I Didn’t Know Before I Loved You

1. that i can cast the bigger shadow.

2. that even these oars i pull gently are blades to the water’s face.

3. that my heart could be such a lithe, blue thing.

4. that it had been so ready to speak.

5. that jealousy was a broken-winged sparrow i’d buried in the neighbour’s yard.

6. that kissing can be the best part.

7. that sex can happen without fences.

8. without podiums.

9. without anatomy.

10. without even touching.

11. that it’s possible there are no races.

12. that there never were.

13. that love can look like trembling.

14. like voices dropping into the canyon.

15. like loose stitches.

16. like streets after the parade.

17. like touchstones on the sill.

18. like whimpers as you drift away.

19. like never, ever knowing.

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