amarillo: air

see how I remember my body

this house that carried me through the winter
hunched & hidden
this fortress that braced itself for the fists of weather
see, now, how I am remember my body
and all it that it can do in spring

I am remembering how to breathe
how to respond to the breeze when it calls to me
see how we are talking, this breeze & I, too low & too soft for you to hear
see how the spring wind moves across me like loving ghosts
see how all its hands push and pull my clothes

how it sweeps these wisps of hair over
under, across
& back again, sometimes tucking them behind my ear
look at how i billow
how I flicker
how the willows nod along as I walk slowly by
look at how the breeze conducts the trees around you
how the cherry blossoms spin inward
dressing your walk home in gentle pink tornados

spring is a window into the softest part of what’s to come
its warm wind brings us the memory
of all our past selves in this season, every age
this breeze reminds us that yes, we did forgive this city for its winter
we forgive it every year
sometimes forgiveness looks like
the slow vanish of forgetting
like one season replacing another

and this is why we hold up our hands to the sun shining through the trees

this sunlight that shines right through the spaces
between our fingers
no matter how tight we hold them

this sunlight that makes mirrors out of the world
reflections off the glass, the last of the puddles, these cups in our hands.

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