what can i say now

what can i possibly say now
that will hold all of it–
the unseen distance
that will carry you into your future
up the pencil marks on the kitchen wall
out the back door and into
your own becoming

what can i say, now? what would be enough?
both of you are proof of how love can
blossom into itself, how it can nourish
someone into hues of green
they didn’t even know they possessed–
this is the love that began you

so maybe, then, this is how we will
encase our wishes, our worries,
the nights spent learning the
sound of the rise and fall of your chests

may this love that has been a hand
guiding this small family into being
be what keeps you safe,

may it hold open the doors you are
too shy to reach for,

may it lift your voice into the ears
of fortune and joy,

and be the
salve on the wounds from the hits
you don’t see coming

may this love be imperfect and
honest and eager to run
alongside you as you shape your
own alphabets and speak
your self into existence

and each day you feel out of step,
may this love remind you
of your origin story, of how fierce the shape
of magic was that made you,
of the quiet, vibrant forest
that took root the day you were born.

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